To connect with the brand of a business that was celebrating a specific era in time, a challenge no other professional had been able to rise to.



Adelaide Biplanes is about more than just joyrides and flying lessons.

This is a business that is proud of its identity and its charter to transport customers back in time to an era when biplanes ruled the sky.

Every essence of this enterprise is based on history, from its charming base at Aldinga Airfield to the vintage manuals, motif and memorabilia of the homestead that feels more like a museum than an office.

Then, there are the planes. Pilots and passengers have the opportunity to take to the skies in their choice of 17 lovingly restored aircraft, including a WACO Classic YMF 5C, a Tiger Moth and a S model Cessna.


This is a business that is a genuine time machine to another era and their content needed to reflect that. Amago spend days on deck at Aldinga Airfield, exploring the fascinating machinery, the stories behind them, the people behind the operation and the genuine love they have for a simpler era.

To market their vision, a series of six videos were created using 'Olde Timey' music and vision that explored the historic tapestry on offer. Viewers were not only taken to the sky, but behind the scenes and into the hearts of the owners.



The video series attracted enormous interest, with a total of 306,000 viewers watching the series of six.

The engagement was high, with 1343 likes, 212 shares and 156 comments on the comments. This translated to real sales, with 2,444 click throughs to the online gift voucher for bookings. These videos also inspired a feature with Adelaide's Sunday Mail newspaper.