✓ Strategy session - service, process and goals



✓ Action plan that includes;


    - SWOT Analysis 

    - Unique Selling Proposition 

    - Call to Action - get an immediate response

    - Process and delivery of Amago services

    - Facebook best lead practices for salespeople 



✓ Campaign creative 



✓ Lead form and software setup


✓ Instant alerts of lead information to your email


✓ Downloadable for leads to access further info 



✓ Daily activity monitoring and management



✓ Key audience demographics targeting 



✓ Data analytics and campaign adjustments



✓ Distribution - Paid distribution to reach more targeted people. The majority of Amago's service fees are allocated to Facebook





✓ Your message delivered to a targeted audience


✓ Interested leads who supply their contact details


✓ Name, phone and email details of the leads


✓ Immediate lead delivery straight to your email





A dedicated Marketing Specialist and Data Analyst setting up professional lead services


Frequently asked questions

What is the lead quality like?

There are many variables when it comes to lead quality. We minimise potential time wasting leads by running through a strategy session with our clients to identify and create qualifying content. Creating the right content is a highly effective tool for attracting more desirable leads. Combining content with the right targeting capabilities to get in front of likely buyers is an important balance in services. This is something we dedicate a lot of time to in R&D to maintain a level of service and refinement for continuous improvement. We supply leads; a lead is a visitor captured through your campaign form who has expressed their interest. A qualified lead (the sales component) is when: - A salesperson has worked through the lead nurture cycle - The lead is identified as the decision maker and has shown interest in making a purchase - Ready (or getting ready) to buy within a set timeframe and budget

Am I locked into a contract?

No. We have different set packages available and some are as short as 30 days with no further commitment. You can also create your own package to run a taster campaign for as short as 14 days. Note: Leads service is valid for use/commencement up until 1 month from payment date, we cannot hold services for any longer than 1 month. Services are non-refundable. Please refer to our packages page for more info on pricing and lead volume.

How many sales conversions can I expect?

This can vary depending on the sales process. It is really up to the salesperson or people who are handling the leads. Some leads may require more nurturing and points of contact than others. Due to the volume of information online these days it's easy for people to find services or products or make comparisons. To get sales over the line it is important to nurture leads particularly Facebook leads and helping prospects with more information so they can make an informed buying decision. People who inquire via our Facebook campaigns are handing over their personal contact details for more information on the advertised campaign because they are genuinely interested in what you are offering.

How does Facebook work in getting me leads?

As of June 2018, Facebook has 15 million active Australian users. That's a whopping 3 in 5 Australians! Facebook made $40 billion in revenue in 2017 the bulk of which came from digital advertisements. Facebook has developed advanced advertising systems so advertisers can use the platform to reach far more people than previous traditional media channels. As of Q2 2018, Facebook has 2.23 billion monthly active users globally (up 11% per year). Facebook Ads can be targeted incredibly specifically. Targeting criteria is almost endless, you can target people recently engaged, recently out of a relationship, or making a specific amount of money, living in a certain area or looking to buy property.

What are the benefits of working with Amago over another agency?

The entry level for social media is low. Over the last few years, in particular, we have seen a rise in amateurs setting up shop claiming to be 'Social Media Gurus'. Most are unfortunately ill-equipped in understanding sales, marketing and data while missing the experience of business requirements, R&D and communication skills. Prior to starting Amago in 2013 Directors Rob Torok and Jodie Gaffney brought with them a combined 30+ years experience from large corporate media working on technology, data, sales and marketing for clients nationally. Understanding business and the marketplace at a deep level is incredibly advantageous in the area of social media and delivering high calibre services. In particular, if your company who has more of a sophisticated process for handling sales leads, you might need a higher level of expertise, precision and support that you can get from a major account lead generation agency who understands the implications of higher level sales. More generally, it is a good idea to determine whether your potential agency partner is the best fit for your company's style and culture.

Can I try your leads for free? If it works as it should and I make sales I will spend a lot with you in future

No, unfortunately. The reason being is we are a professional service agency, our leads require; - Due diligence - An initial strategy and USP around content - Process and technical requirements to set up - Labour of dedicated marketing specialists - Raw distribution costs to acquire each lead On commitment, a good agency will always dedicate upfront time, effort, a high level of service and commitment to paying clients. We do this to ensure we meet current market demands while retaining and growing client's businesses, therefore, we have little scope for free services and giving away work. There is a popular package we have put together at a lower cost of $1,500 that may be more suitable for people who prefer to try a small amount to start with. Please refer to our lead pack page for more information. Note: Leads service is valid for use/commencement up until 1 month from payment date, we cannot hold services for any longer than 1 month. Services are non-refundable.