To override the challenge of opening a new store and promote a fresh way of eating to major event catering and community markets




This campaign involved the creation of a series of videos and promotion on Facebook over a 12 week period including;


Womadelaide Festival: Two teaser videos of the festival targeting 80,000-plus to visit their stall as well as event happenings, food, festivities and highlighting each store.attendies


Womadelaide Bloopers: A peek behind the curtain at the funny, personal side of the owners to build rapport with their customer base.


Writers' Week: Showing the fast paced work ethic required to be the sole caterer at a major event feeding 3000 people each day.


Moonlight Markets: Showing community involvement and taking part in local events.


Marion Store Opening: Interview style video highlighting food quality and appeal to a local audience.



Further hype was generated by recruiting social media influencers, who took the business to a market of over 240,000 people, and a public relations drive which resulted in publication in two community newspapers in the greater Adelaide region.





241,457 people watched the videos on Facebook


2,762 liked, comment and shared the videos


267,176 social media influencer fan base


2 media articles published in two separate newspapers with a front page mention


Client comments: "Generally there is a dip two weeks after you open a new store but we have ridden through that with consistent weekly sales since opening.  All stores have had high sales that have never happened before, proof to us that this has worked".