To establish this upmarket Peruvian restaurant as one of Adelaide's premier eating venues.



It is easy to tell people that your restaurant is the best, but where is the credibility? That is where social media influencers come into play. This campaign saw a gala night put on for these influencers, where they could try the product for free, and then releasing them to become ambassadors for the brand.

The calibre of social media and blog content produced as a result was so major, that it inspired a campaign by the major metropolitan newspaper the 'Adelaide Advertiser' to publish an article on the top 20 best restaurants in South Australia.

Because of the online chatter surrounding Mestizo, a critic was tasked with sampling their food and the restaurant was officially installed as one of the state's premier venues.

Accompanying the influence campaigns were two videos; the restaurant video below and another reviewing the gala evening, both were tied with a solid Facebook campaign to drive further awareness.



Established as one of South Australia's top 20 restaurants.

Bookings filled for three solid months after the campaign.

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