Use social media and blog content to establish Pride Advice as the authority in financial advice and services in the Greater Adelaide region.



Pride Advice is a financial services enterprise with a distinct difference to their competitors - its no B/S approach towards assisting people reach their financial goals. Pride do not wave a carrot under potential clients' noses promising overnight riches, rather solid strategies built around each individual set of circumstances to maximise quality of life. Their brand is one of strength and courage (represented by the lion logo) and their content needed to reflect their attitude of going the extra mile and searching under stones others may neglect.


In the Adelaide region, Pride has many competitors in the financial services sector. So Amago built a strategy that would link social media, web content and SEO to generate higher engagement.

This was achieved through quality content that was thoroughly researched, relevant to the market and inspired confidence in the Pride brand.



Pride has won practice of the year 2017 and 2018. Pride Advice Facebook page gathered 700,000+ impressions, 7,000+ engagements and thousands of website visits.