To increase and improve the Ray White brand in the local community, improve market share and develop strategies to harvest leads and interest in purchasing homes through Facebook and Instagram.



Ray White wanted to improve their standing in the community in an era where traditional channels weren't penetrative enough.

Amago sent a career journalist and professional photographer into the field to meet these locals face-to-face, talk to them about what they loved about their region and used these mini case studies to sell the area to potential buyers and investors - both local and interstate - through engaging social media posts.


Amago also researched the local area heavily, finding unique historical angles and aspects of the communities that residents could take great pride in. These posts with historical images attracted enormous engagement across Facebook and set Ray White aside from its competitors as offering a point of difference that wasn't just hard sales.


Working with the agents individually at Ray White was crucial, as many had become frustrated with the associated costs and lack of effectiveness from older marketing initiatives to sell properties. Amago developed specially designed vendor campaigns to target interested buyers for each individual property.

These properties were launched through Facebook and Instagram to targeted audiences while Amago monitored the data and shifted the property search criteria accordingly to ensure maximum efficiency. Interested parties were taken to a purpose-built landing page where they could learn more about the property and register their interest and details. This was a new and easy way for potential buyers to express interest in the property and resulted in real sales for Ray White staff without the frustration of traditional channels that no longer brought in the interest they once did.





The community connection and engagement from the social media posts have reaped enormous rewards.

In the month of January 2018 alone one office received thousands in engagement and houndreds of new website enquiries. Social media grew significantly with 400% increases in community engagement.


In relation to vendor campaigns, two case studies highlighted how effective these campaigns are. One vendor received 52,543 impressions with a reach of 46,574. That translated to 1,924 website visits and five leads. When it came to the sale, we accomplished 35 in-home inspections over four weeks, four offers to purchase prior to auction and six registered bidders.


Another property received 40,027 impressions which resulted in 6,527 website visits. That equates to a cost of $0.27 per website visit which is an exceptional result considering the Google Adwords industry average sits between $1 and $2. This campaign resulted in eight lead enquiries, 72 in-home inspections over 4 weeks and three offers through Facebook that were over $2 million.


The impact of these methods attracted interest from other Ray White offices and Amago is now working with multiple Real Estate firms across the country to help them achieve better outcomes.

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