To show how fun Segways are, let local people know the Segway tour operators are open for business and get bookings.



Sometimes traditional media isn't the right channel for new world experiences. That was the challenge presented by Segway Sensation, who had rows of unused machines despite heavy publicity from some of Adelaide's media heavy hitters. A new approach was required, so we created a vlog style video to show personal insight and customer experience of going on a Segway Tour.

The video was promoted and distributed across a Facebook personal brand page 'Life with Jodie' and the Segway Facebook page over a 10-day period with pointers to bookings and tracking links to the Segway website. 


It was natural, organic and a ton of fun to make - and it worked! Customers watched the video in the thousands, signed up to have a go and even tagged their mates to come along for the ride. The campaign was so popular that it even inspired changes to Government legislation allowing for more places where riders are permitted to take the Segways.



26,400 people watched the video

227 comments and shares

78 people tagged their friends to go on the Segway tour

837 click throughs to the Segway website booking page