Never underestimate the power of a social media person with a strong fan base

They are a key tool when it comes to marketing in the modern world, with a study revealing that 73% of marketers now have a budget for influencers. Brands are partnering with these social media influencers to generate serious wins through platforms like Facebook and Instagram. And you can join the revolution, with Amago well-connected and ready to help deliver these influencers to your doorstep.

A case study of success

An example in Australia is New South Wales and Australian rugby league legend (and Immortal) Andrew Johns. Nike knew the marketing value he would have through their social media channels before social media had even started to reach the heights it has today. To counter rivals coming after their blue-chip product down under, Nike signed Johns to a lifetime deal. Today they are able to leverage that signing by using his influence on their campaigns.

On June 21, 2017, Nike launched the 'No Turning Back' campaign as a way to inspire young Australians to gain a love of sport, saddled with the trademark Nike tagline Just Do it.

Johns is one of the faces of this campaign, sharing his No Turning Back stories from his playing days. It is social media gold for Nike in Australia and something they have the exclusive rights to.

How Amago can leverage influencers to boost your business?

Across the country, Amago has connections to everyday social media influencers with thousands of followers on key platforms like Facebook and Instagram. These influencers are ready and keen to promote businesses of all sizes (and are more affordable than you may think). We invite these influencers to gala events and product launches where they can sample your product or service, then deliver the message to their legions of supporters. We take the hard work out of social media for you, and deliver optimum results through the services of these local, credible and well-connected social media stars.

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