Digitalism and consumer first user experience

Digitalism has made the world almost completely consumer driven, and new innovation is set to take that to higher levels in the future.

So how do you market your product or service to meet this increasing customer-first trend?

We already live in a digital universe where smartphones, tablets, cloud computing and social media have completely changed the way we do business.

Around the corner we will see the rise of artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality. As the internet balloons out to a level we never thought possible, it is critical to market directly to the consumer to stand out amongst the clutter.

A personalised experience should be at the centre of everything you do, with data showing that personalised calls to action convert 42 per cent more than normal CTAs.

Farming and analysing your consumer's personal data is critical to everything you do, as modern technology like AI is set to harvest more data than ever before.

It will also assist in categorising this data to give you a clear snapshot of who your individual customers are.

Mobile devices have already hit the tipping point over desktop machines and this is set to continue to be the case. But around the corner we also have the Internet of Things, where we will see more and more connected devices (everything from fridges to entire buildings).

This generates an immediacy for consumers, and they will not settle for lag. Implementing personal assistants can help with speed, while quality content can increase search position (critical on smaller screens).

SEO is vital in this content as well, with well researched key words the key to rising up the search engine ranks. And, finally, while native content is important so too is native advertising. The modern consumer is not baited by pop ups or disruptive advertising, but will react positively to promotions that are aimed at their habits and personality.

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