Winter is here! ❄️

Legions of Game of Thrones fans have been left salivating with battle royale after battle royale unfolding before our eyes.

So why are viewers invested in Game of Thrones and their characters, that are opposing forces?

It is expert story-telling, crafted over the previous six seasons, that has kept us clinging on and deeply attached to those who have survived to see the climax.

Story-telling isn't the exclusive domain of dragons and white walkers, it is also a critical tool for selling your business online.

Your content needs to tell your story, but it needs to be engaging. You can use some of GOT's best devices to achieve this.

There are four main points you should always consider with your content:

  1. It should generate desire for your brand.

  2. It should include calls to action so readers can interact with your business.

  3. Conflict is critical in every great story, in this context it is about showing why you are better than your rivals.

  4. Change keeps things fresh. Show how you are improving every day to adapt to the times.

Your content doesn't have to be individual bodies of work that never meet, they can be woven together. Throw back to previous content that is relevant, use hyperlinks - it will keep people on your site longer.

And finally, the average Game of Thrones viewer only knows two kinds of emotion, pleasure and pain. You can use this to your advantage as well, by showing challenges and the presenting solutions to shift your readers' emotions.

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