New world marketing, why expertise is something you can't ignore

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In the modern, digital world, online marketing is rapidly becoming the greatest currency businesses have in promoting their brand.

But while new world thinking is creating new methods of marketing, there are still many businesses that prefer to adopt a DIY approach to their digital presence.

As Facebook marketing opportunities continue to evolve and grow, those that attempt to market themselves can swiftly be left behind.

Talent not available at your fingertips

In the most recent State of Digital Marketing Talent report, it was revealed that there is a widening gap between what employers expect from their team in terms of marketing, and the talent that is at their disposal.

This means that the more progressive companies are turning towards digital marketing specialists, with 22% stating that this need is growing. But 34% are still combining specialists with generalists.

When the modern marketer is required to be skilled in analytics, email, content marketing, mobile marketing and social media, diluting the talent pool can lead to a drop off in trends across these key marketing requirements.

Growing trends in social media marketing

Two of the greatest and growing trends on social media are paid promotion and the use of videos.

By developing quality industry content and promoting it in newsfeeds, companies can develop higher engagement with their consumer base and assert themselves as industry leaders.

This content doesn't just have to be words, with low-cost video productions proving to be a winner on social media platforms.

Amago provides the nimble and dynamic social media strategies that ensure your business is always ahead of the curve. We do the research, we monitor the market trends and we produce our written, digital and video in-house through dedicated marketers, videographers and journalists. Don't rely on diluted talent for your marketing needs, contact us today and we will do the heavy lifting for you.

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