Could Elon Musk be the King of Marketing?

We have all heard the term 'public relations stunt'. It is a common - and less successful - form of marketing that is employed way too often. Consumers don't seek gimmicks, they rankle at the thought of being tricked and will react sternly to any form of deception they experience in a world already littered with click bait and false news. Still, many businesses will seek to embrace novelty and shock tactics to get eyes on them. Here's the thing, it doesn't work. What does work is leading through action, becoming part of your consumer base's DNA, walking the mile alongside them and holding their hand as you both jump into the unknown. It is what Amago embraces, steering clear of the subterfuge and acting with intention to build results for your brand that cannot be disputed

Elon Musk - the king of marketing How many people in the world can establish near-instant business relationships with governments simply by sending a Tweet? In Australia, the billionaire tech entrepreneur said he could a major area of our electricity supply woes with a giant lithium battery. Australian Atlassian co-founder Mike Cannon-Brookes fronted Musk on Twitter about 'how serious' he was. Musk's reply? "Tesla will get the system installed and working 100 days from contract signature or it is free. That serious enough for you?" History shows the battery was built on-cost and on-time. That is action trumping words. And Musk has been at it again, this time determined to take on Puerto Rico's devastated electrical grid with solar panels and/or battery storage solutions. He tweeted: "The Tesla team has done this for many smaller islands around the world, but there is no scalability limit, so it can be done for Puerto Rico too". Puerto Rico governor Ricardo Rossello opened up an official dialogue within 12 hours. This is marketing based on trust and action, the biggest bodies and governments in the world now know that when Musk says something action will swiftly follow.

Amago's committment to action We won't lie, there are pictures of Musk stapled to our boardroom wall. We idolise and respect the man. And that inspiration drives us to deliver the same level of action. Our promises are delivered on robust platforms of research, analytics and practical application. Our lean operations make us nimble enough to meet any challenge on the fly. When we make a promise, it's not hyperbole. It's not PR guff. We back our words with actions. Essentially, we are the same as Musk except we don't shoot cars into space - yet.

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