To build a new website and provide a lead generation campaign for a developer selling new homes.



Skyhold Property is a developer that prides itself on selling 'the dream' in homes that are built around lifestyle.

This is a developer that searches for regions based on amenities, parklands and other facilities nearby for their residents - not just vacant blocks of land. These properties then become valuable commodities, as the regions they are built in are ear-marked for expansion in terms of infrastructure and economic investment.


The latest project for Skyhold was Cyana on Graham, a development that featured four-bedroom townhouses that were architect designed and located in a region that was in-line with the developer's philosophy.


The first task for Skyhold was to build a new website that represented their values and points of difference from other developers. Then a landing page for Cyana on Graham (built into this new web design) was constructed where interested buyers could register their interest.


Finally, a Facebook campaign for Cyana on Graham was launched that included lead generation and supply, around the clock customer support and communications for SMS and email tracking.



The campaign reaped 50 leads in the first weekend which translated to four sales. The campaign generated 229 leads in total which was a complete success.


The new Skyhold website:

The new Skyhold landing page for Cyana on Graham:


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