To share a unique Australian success story and propel a new food product to larger markets globally.



Cinzia Cozzolino took the hard road to success battling to raise her two daughters on less than $30,000 a year. Cinzia was studying nutrition at University but struggled to get her youngest daughter to eat breakfast so she used her knowledge of nutrition to develop The Smoothie Bombs.


The Smoothie Bombs is a food product sold as a nutritional ball containing 12 superfoods used in a smoothie drink making it a healthy and tasty 'super smoothie'.


Amago sat with the Smoothie Bombs crew to create a series of videos. The concept behind the videos were to share a real-life story that resonated with people, showcase Smoothie Bombs as a 'Lifestyle Product' and hone in on the warm and fun side of the company founders. The new style of marketing had to fit with their brand and connect with a new and broader audience. These videos were published on the website and through social media channels where they received an overwhelmingly positive reception.



The videos took off with a bang attracting audiences in the hundreds of thousands along with visible spikes in online sales. Since then the mumpreneur is a success within Australia and internationally.


Smoothie Bombs is now a globally recognised product in Australia's Woolthworths and Chemist Warehouse stores. It can also be found through Asia, Europe and now in the US with 12 chain stores taking it on including locations in Los Angeles and New York.