Use social media, PR and a new website to promote the market as a whole, as well as individual businesses contained within.



Central Market, nestled side-by-side with the food market, is regarded as one of the most popular shopping destinations in Australia with over 8.5 million visitors every year.

Despite this, The Central Market Arcade's social media presence was flagging with just 1300 people signed up as fans of their account. Over a two year period, we grew this to an audience in excess of 15,000 which is now so strong, high engagement continues to rise from organic non-paid content. 


Ongoing Social Media Management has assisted the 70 individual businesses in Central Market, which include the likes of Haigh's Chocolates, Telstra, The Hilton, Coles, Subway and Sushi Train.


A new website was built to highlight individual traders. It included a store finder and search capabilities to allow easier on-site navigation for shoppers. Traders are given their moment in the spotlight, with featured profiles on the home page and the site ties directly into the social media feed. This was especially beneficial for the traders who did not have individual websites.


One fashion retailer in the market is an ideal case study of success. Business was not booming in this particular store, so a promotion was built and a $150 Facebook spend. Shoppers came from as far as 20km away to buy the products, which also created market intelligence to stock more popular items and develop their own posts ongoing to keep business flowing.

The Cook's Market is another success story, leveraging the use of one of the pasta machines on popular reality cooking show MasterChef to achieve $60,000 in new sales over a three-month period, as well as a 15% spike in sales by using video to promote a shopping cart perfect for use in the markets.


The services provided have been ongoing which also included the 'Eat With Us' promotion involving a complimentary food and goodie bag giveaway to office staff in the vicinity, as well as a major design and promotions on billboards and trams.



Grew Facebook audience from 1300 to now over 18,000 followers

Mass local awareness marketing campaigns

New Website to assist individual traders

Assisted individual businesses to achieve sales spikes of 15% and over.

Leveraging popular culture to generate promotions, in one case creating $60,000 in additional revenue.

Marketing Services Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast
Marketing Services Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast
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Marketing Services Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast