about Amago

For over six years we've delivered much needed progressive and contemporary marketing communication solutions that propel outcomes fit for today's noisy world.


We value making connections and using a practical common sense approach to working towards a common goal with our clients.


Working in partnership with a successful tribe of driven people is what we do best just like the ‘Amago’ clan of Japan’s Sengoku period. 

People are well schooled in ignoring marketing messages and who can blame them?  We are interrupted by almost 3000 marketing messages a day.


If you’re going to interrupt someone you better have;


  • A solid action plan & be ready to execute 

  • Be able to analyse data & track results

  • Know the shifting sands consumer & tech market

  • Create engaging content that gets attention

  • Have a call to action that actually works

Why us

Our philosophy

Our Founders

Amago est. 2013

Rob Torok 

Founder Rob offers high caliber solutions for the modern business providing vast analytical and technical expertise rarely seen in any Australian marketing communications agency.  Prior to Amago Rob had a 20+ year career as a national team leader and technical engineer at News Corp. This has placed Rob in good stead in developing superior communication solutions for Amago's client base. Rob's ingenuity in project management, attention to detail, breaking down complex concepts, and understanding business requirements to meet objectives is highly advantageous to any thriving business.

Rob is methodical, detail orientated, creative, loves accuracy, and certainty with people and projects.

Rob's not a fan of anything that's ambiguous, a prerequisite is radical transparency and integrity across the board. The gatekeeper of order and clarity for our team and clients. 

What Rob loves (only 3 are true) - 

- Research, building rapport and consensus

- Following loose online opinion over unequivocal data 

- Stability in business outcomes, being clear and concise 

- Flipping and turning a profit on Facebook Marketplace

- Helping Cliver Palmer spend $60M on political campaigns

Jodie Gaffney

Founder Jodie's in-depth marketing and communication expertise extend across a diverse mix of clients, from business development for start-ups all the way to larger established national clients including Government contracts. Prior to Amago Jodie worked six years at News Corp and four years as State Manager of a National Media Representation Company. Commonly heard across our client base is that everyone loves Jodie's hands-on approach, ideas, valuable marketplace findings and solutions that leave the competition in the dust.

Jodie has a big-picture vision, innovative and maverick style tied with corporate knowledge and understanding.

Jodie's not a fan of standing still and repeating the same old tired methods that are losing effectiveness. Instead, she's obsessed with personal growth, hacking away at a process to make it more efficient and superior.

What Jodie loves (only 3 are true) - 

- Using storytelling to connect people in valuable ways

- Creating Fake Russian Facebook Ads

- Coming up with ideas that sell a lot of stuff

- Doing what the competition does but 5 years later

- Making content go viral


Process and Execution

Wants and Wishes

We find out as much as we can about your needs so we can tailor the best fit solution



Prob and Prep

Research on market impacts then brainstorm ideas and investigate resources



Pitch and Polish

Explain and present plans. Demonstrate how we can achieve the best outcome for you



Activate and Analyse

We communicate, monitor and analyse

market response for feedback

What we do for money

Idea generation and advice throughout our engagement to propel organisational growth


Creating internal and external marketing  communications and process audits

Using different marketing platforms and tools to meet organisational needs

Developing processes that save internal staff time while creating higher-yielding activity 

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