YouTube delivers breaking news

Youtube breaking news

Ever since its inception in 2005, YouTube has been a fascinating source of entertainment driven by home brew content.

It is a divine place to watch people fall over, crash things and to view animals doing extraordinary things.

Free content, highly entertaining - but not exactly the place you would go for high brow offerings.

That could be set to change, with YouTube attempting to boost breaking news content in a re-format for the popular platform.

Steering people away from fail videos and towards the news

From today (August 20), viewers may have noticed the new 'Breaking News' tab appear in their YouTube 'feed'.

We use the term feed loosely, because this platform is not one that has traditionally been known to use a feed like social media giants Twitter and Facebook.

Instead, it has always operated by taking users down a rabbit hole by piling suggested videos on top of suggested videos, tapping into your interests and feeding you content based on your watching habits.

Now, users will have the option to break that cycle by clicking on the breaking news section which aims to deliver real issues in real time.

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