Why your ancient website is costing you business

The Space Jam movie website exists today in exactly the same format as when it was first published back in 1996. Sure, it has been redirected to an archive page now, but it is still there with its clipart, star background and stock fonts. And it is beautiful. But while this page is a tribute to websites long forgotten, there are plenty of others littering the online world that have been unloved for many years. And they are not as beautiful. They are the websites cobbled together because 'every business should have one', but then left to decay with no updates, additions or content to draw traffic in. Does this sound like your website? It is almost certainly costing your business money.

The Space Jam website is exactly the same today as it was in 1996

Your website is the modern day front counter to your business Imagine if you were a potential client and you wandered into a brick and mortar outlet. Magazines dating back to when John Howard was PM sit fading and dusty on a cracked and weary countertop. The receptionist is slow to arrive, dial-up internet slow. And when they arrive, they offer you little except the name of the business and maybe an email address. Getting the picture? The modern consumer shops online and is easily scared away by a redundant, broken or dated website. Potential business could be walking out the door and you would never even know they stopped by to begin with.

How to bring your web presence into the modern era First of all, that mate you know that is kind of good with computers? They are not your answer. An amateur job is always going to come across looking precisely that - amateur. The investment to get a professional in to give your website a facelift is priceless in terms of what it offers to your potential clients - view options The modern website should include neat, clean and include appropriate content that not only instantly shows what your business does, but what your brand is about. Testimonials from customers, blog content, profiles of the people in the business and ZERO grammar or spelling errors is critical to your success. And constantly updating this content to be fresh and relevant will bring consumers back for more, which means more business for you.

If you think you can achieve better results and improve your presence, view our subscription product. For only $147 per month you can have a high functioning new website that includes monthly changes, SEO and annual revamps so you are always on top of your game - Websites On Demand Ask for our 2x FREE design samples before you sign up or pay a cent.

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