Marketing - What to do when business is slow?

Life is good when the cash registers (literal or figurative) are ringing and business is booming.

What to we do, though, when the peaks give way to the inevitable valleys in business? There are multiple strategies you can take to get those sales back up and firing.

Here are some strategies that Amago recommends.

Generate valuable guide, reports or offers

These are content pieces housed on your website that sit behind a form that new potential customers will need to fill out with details like their name and email address.

It opens up ongoing communications where you can engage new prospects over email and keep your business at the top of people’s minds. This effective offering can deliver many new clients to your digital door.

Brainstorm the offers your business can provide, the length of time these offers will run for and research the SEO required to give the content the legs it needs to penetrate a large audience.

These offers don't need to be just reduced rates for your goods and/or services, they can be value-add products like how-to guides, interviews with your CEO to assist other businesses, ebooks or other digital publications that will entice readers.

This will help build your brand, generate a new audience and increase engagement by farming contact details that allow you to reach out to your audience directly in the future.

Generate regular blogs and newsletters

Be the expert in your industry and share that knowledge with your audience, existing and new. This ties in with the previous point, as the more email addresses you can harvest, the greater your email mailout will be.

Offer exclusive sneak peaks

In a modern world where data is consumed ruthlessly, everyone likes to be the one who got the inside scoop first. Dropping an early preview or release of impending products/services/software etc can really get your audience engaging in a big way.

Add some personality to your brand

Speaking directly to your audience is easy thanks to social media. Consider using free podcast platforms like to create an audio connection that will also reach a new audience. Social media allows you to easily create live videos as well where you can chat directly with your client base and answer questions on the fly. This will not only build your engagement, but trust in your brand.


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