The questions that reveal the true value of marketing

To some of us, marketing can appear to be a necessary expense. But there is much more lying under the surface. Marketing your enterprise can be confusing. There are so many options on the market with wildly varying price points - and deliverables. This can create headaches as to what your business actually needs. It also dangles a carrot in front of for 'competitive' (read: cheap) alternatives that deliver very little. Your marketing is one of your most critical operations. It is placing your enterprise before the eyes of the very people that will consume your product or services. You don't mind to tip money into a well, but you don't want to let opportunity pass you by either. So what should you be looking for when investing your marketing dollars?

The questions you should ask First of all, you need to know that the agency handling your marketing is the right fit. Ones that handle larger lead generation accounts are more suited to products like homes. Smaller lead generation accounts are a better fit for smaller purchases (under $10,000). What are their processes? Do they have a set and forget method of marketing, or are they running multiple campaigns at once to determine the strongest tactics? What technologies and platforms do they use? Are they up-to-date with latest tech and social media innovations. But, perhaps most importantly, you should ask about the volume of services provided for your money invested. How far will the agency take the lead down the sales tunnel? And what is the all-important return on advertising spend (ROAS).

Know the metrics on what you get back for your returns The key marker you need to know in marketing is your (ROAS). This figure is the perfect metric on the marketing impact and outcome performance. This is where the cheap options can really unravel, as you are paying less but getting even less back in return for your business. Ideally, you want to earn $4 revenue for every $1 spent on marketing. This is scalable depending on your enterprise and industry, but is the average benchmark you should operate off. These are the figures you should be asking for in every marketing push.

How do we reach that 4:1 ratio? The old school method of marketing meant getting leads by hook or by crook. As many of them as possible, without vetting them for quality. This looks nice on paper, but is useless if those leads have no intention of engaging with your enterprise. This is where the Amago difference comes into play. We are focused on performance-based marketing, and secure quality leads through campaigns, written content, video production, web design, landing pages and highly specified targeting. We don't just throw your advertising into the wild and hope it survives. We track every movement, every click through and every demographic to finely tune the total product. That means the leads coming through the door have fists full of cash and a hunger for everything your enterprise provides. And that is how you achieve a strong ROAS to grow your business.

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